Will Our Society Collapse? The Answer Might Surprise You

Is it too late or is there hope?

Duane Michael
4 min readAug 5, 2022


Will Our Society Collapse?
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It can be easy to think that our society will always remain the same and that nothing could ever change it, but this simply isn’t true. There are some very good reasons to believe that our society might collapse soon, which means we need to work together to prepare for the coming changes.

From government debt to pollution and dwindling natural resources, here are some reasons why we could see a societal collapse in our lifetime.

There are very specific signs that show society is heading in the wrong direction

The United States is in danger of coming apart and we all should take action before time runs out. At times, the pain and fear of today seem distant. However, I recognize that the harmful division and how we demonize one another based on differences is creating a breakdown everywhere from our kitchen tables to our places of work.

Americans across party lines and demographic groups say that “division in the country” is the most pressing personal issue they face, and “uniting the country” is the most pressing national priority. Here are some signs that were headed in the wrong direction.

  1. A decrease in social trust
  2. An increase in crime
  3. A decrease in work ethic
  4. An increase in mental health problems
  5. A decrease in physical health
  6. An increase in income inequality
  7. A decrease in social mobility

We can turn things around

It’s no secret that our society is in a bit of a state at the moment. Political tensions are high, the economy is unstable, and many people feel like they’re just struggling to get by. But it’s important to remember that we’ve been through tough times before and we’ve always managed to pull through.

So while things might seem bad right now, there’s no reason to believe that our society is headed for a collapse. We can turn things around if we work together and focus on what’s important. It is not too late for humanity to intentionally change…



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