My First Goal On Medium Is 100 Views In a Day

My Goals and To-Dos to Reach 100 Views in One Day

Duane Michael
4 min readApr 8, 2022


Setting my goal for 100 views in one day
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In order to fulfill my goal of writing every day, I’ve set up some short-term goals as well. This first one is to get 100 views in a day. Getting this many views will be a good indication that people actually like what I’m writing, and the encouragement will hopefully spur me on to keep going with this blogging thing. Even though this goal isn’t particularly difficult to achieve, I have decided to share my story of how I will try to accomplish it.

The Challenge

I’m determined to get to my first goal of 100 views per day. This might seem like a lofty goal, but I think it is quite doable. The average post on medium gets viewed 467 times in its first month, so my plan is simply to publish enough good articles that people will want to read them and view them. To be clear, I am trying to make it big on medium, not just post once or twice and fail. So what does it take?

Here are some things I’ve learned over time as someone who has published over 20 posts each month for well over a year. Have a solid idea before you start writing. You should know exactly what you want to say when you sit down at your computer.

If you have any doubt about whether an idea is worth pursuing, leave it alone until you have one that won’t leave your head.

And remember: if there isn’t enough there to write about 1000 words, try again later when you have more ideas or when they coalesce into something bigger. Or don’t waste your time with something that doesn’t inspire passion.

My Journey

Setting unrealistic goals can be very detrimental. The reason for that is simple. You want to achieve things in life but if you set unrealistic goals, your brain won’t believe it can happen and you will give up quicker than someone who has set realistic goals. Small victories are key to achieving big victories.

This works in almost every aspect of life because when you take something step by step and it becomes easier than your brain thinks it’s possible to achieve a goal, then it makes future goals more attainable as…



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