5 Steps Towards Thinking Yourself Beautiful

Want to feel better about yourself? Take these five steps to improve your self-confidence today.

Duane Michael
3 min readAug 14, 2022


Want to feel better about yourself?
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Your thoughts manifest as reality. At least, that’s what many experts believe, and those who have lived through it know exactly what we’re talking about. If you haven’t had the opportunity to create your own reality, now is the time.

One of the areas where people struggle the most is manifesting their physical appearance — their beauty. This is especially true for women, who may have deep insecurities about their weight, skin, hair, and other aspects of their appearance.

So, while it may appear that manifesting yourself as beautiful is impossible, it is not. Sometimes we manifest ourselves in a physical way that is linked to a past event without even realizing it. There are five steps you must take to consider yourself beautiful. Are you prepared?

Determine your trigger:

For some of you, it will be the moment you decided you were unattractive, and it will be obvious. However, for others, the trigger may not be as obvious. You must investigate and try to figure out what brought you to this point.

Recognize your fear:

What is the source of your trigger’s fear? Are you concerned that being perceived as beautiful will undermine your credibility? You may be concerned about unwanted attention, or you may believe that you are unworthy of being seen. Find and write down your fears.

Invite your fear to a spirit summit:

You must keep an open mind and take the time to write down your fears. Consider how accurate your fears are. Is it even possible that your worst-case scenario will come true? Let go of your fear. Ask God, the universe, or your higher power to take and hold your fear.


Allow your God or higher power to handle the situation. Regardless of your fears, almost all of us struggle with control when it comes to our physical appearance. You have no control over what other people think of your appearance. You have no control over their behavior, so stop worrying and let it…



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